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FileJerks x Lisa Dank x BoyEatsDrumMachine x FunFunFun x No-Fi Soul Rebellion x Nectar Lounge

COMING UP on JANUARY 2nd @ Nectar Lounge in Fremont ! This show is sure to be ridiculous ! Find out more about the artists via the following links:

Boy Eats Drum Machine

No-Fi Soul Rebellion

Lisa Dank and the White WIdows

Fun Fun Fun


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Jeremy Dubs over at Funner Productions sent over these two videos the other day. This MadRad x Macklemore show in Bellingham was cracking. If you're not into having the time of your life, Bellingham isn't for you...Whether you already know, or are just finding out, here's an illustrated example of how B-Ham gets down....

MADRAD - Love In A Strange World (Live @ Wild Buffalo, Bellingham, WA)
video courtesy of FUNNER productions ( )

Macklemore - The Town ( Live @ Wild Buffalo, Bellingham, WA )
video courtesy of FUNNER productions ( )

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yeah I know a Methhead!!

THEY LIVE! is easily one of the best hip hop groups in Seattle at the moment,
comprised of superstar BlesOne (MassiveMonkees&MashHall) and "king of all media" Gatsby (Cancer Rising, KEXP, Stanger,206proof,raindrophustla).
here is a remix we did for them a while back.

Download:THEY LIVE! - Methheads (FileJerks remix) 320kbps

Be sure to download all of their tracks for FREE over at their website

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Download Here

1. Party Squad - Pull Up
2. Mad Rad - My Product (Astronomar quick mix)
3. Arcade - Jugo Carioca y Diario Popular (Douster Dumb Remix)
4. Bassjackers - Soja (original mix)
5. Fat Boy Slim - Renegade Master (Astronomar edit)
6. Scottie B - African Chant (Top Billin remix)
7. Idiotproof - Gorilla (Zombie Disco Squad Re-Edit)
8. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong (original mix)
9. Mighty Fools - Clean It (original mix)
10. Astronomar - Bad Boy
11. Samo Sound Boy - the Bandit (link removed by request)
12. Unknown - Unknown
13. Lisa Dank - I Don't Give a Fuck (Filejerks remix)
14. Tune Brothers - Finally (Sharkslayer Nassau edit)
15. KRS-One - Free Mumia (Astronomar bootleg)
15. Useless Wooden Toys - Fuckin Business (Blatta & Inesha remix)
(run time 30:30 / 320kbps)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From: Coupe1 To: YOU!


the homie up in Bellingham,WA Dj Coupe1
dropped this in the box the other day.
its a glitchy take on a familiar xmas tune....
music to destroy wrapping paper to.
DJ Coupe1 - Xmas Special

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this is a video of DataRock (twitter: @datarocknett) having Mad Rad thrown out of Nectar because they got "too close" to their midi controller. fuck datarock


The next time you're in Denver, CO do me a favor and go to this shop, and scoop some of the freshest threads on the street. SPEAKEASY, located at 70 Broadway is your best bet for finding the latest releases from HUF, Flying Coffin, Crooks & Castle, The Hundreds, and 10 Deep just to name a few. SpeakEasy proprietors Bryan Carandang and Ryan Millard definitely have their shit on lock. Do yourself a favor and shop here.

The AVENUE brand logo. Anything you can get your hands on with this logo on it is a hot commodity. Baleeeeedat!

Check out more here:

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weekend business trip

In a couple short weeks, SHORTHAND is taking a weekend to JUNEAU to play some music. Kicking it off @ the Rendezvous on Thursday, a Rotaract cancer benefit show @ The Hangar ballroom on Friday the 16th and on the main stage at the HANGAR for Saturday the 17th. Here's a couple sweet flyers. And if you're in Juneau on this particular weekend, come out and get reets with ya boy SHORTHAND


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Eye of the Tiger : an interview with Tigerbeat

Josh "Tigerbeat" Saenz basically runs the B-More end of the club music scene here in Seattle. He is an active DJ/Promoter who brings in people like Scottie B & Dlake among other highly reputable artists. We figured it was due time to pry the layers of his brain and see what the man is up to, what he has in store, and share some of his tunes with you.
FJ: How long have you been DJing?

TB: Since 2006/2007

FJ: When did you first come to the conclusion that you wanted to pursue DJing as more than just a hobby? Any artists that inspired you?

TB: When I realized that selling drugs wasn't going to get me anywhere but jail. I had to do something for income and I couldn't and still cant handle having anyone telling me what to do. Thats when Risky Business Productions came into play. Thankfully for the first two years I was able to support myself with selling and just basically hover over the turntables from anywhere to 4 to 15 hours a day.
As for inspiration, I remember first seeing FourColorZack and DJ Curtis just doing these crazy hipster parties at the War Room and Egg Room. People just partying and losing their shit. And The Clipse. I was listening to ALOT of The Clipse.

FJ: Where were some of your first DJ gigs and who were you working with back then?

TB: My very first gig was at The Egg Room. The Egg Room was an afterparty spot above El Corazon that had crazy energy. I played that show with two ipods! Damaged Goods was basically my right hand girl in those days. Very good times.

FJ: We know Outsoured at Moe Bar has been is cracking off every Monday for well over the past year. Tell us a little of the history behind that night;
what were your initial ideas for the night and did that change at all as time passed? Who's has been involved in the night since its inception?

TB: I've been there since day one. Many people have had some influence on the night from a few weeks to several months over the past two years. I think that being a decent dj you should change and evolve with the music/people you identify most with. When Outsourced started, I was buying Ed Banger records, two years later Im making Baltimore tracks. So Im really open to whatever as long as it makes people go hard on the dancefloor and keeps me interested.

FJ: What other nights can people come check you out?

TB: Aside from "Outsourced" at MOE every Monday, you can find me at "HollyHood" at Havana Social Club every Tuesday. Every first Thursday of the month at Sole Repair Shop for "Young, Rich & Fabulous. 1st and 3rd Fridays at 9 Million in Unmarked Bills in Fremont. And every Saturday at The Loft in Edmonds.

FJ: What's your evaluation of the club music scene here in Seattle? Anything you want to see happen or things you are working towards changing?

TB: Decent. Some people need to let go and move on. They're just playing for themselves and the look of confusion or boredom on the dancefloor shows it. For the most part, people want to dance, not have some obscure b-side bestowed upon them at midnight. Another is predictability. If I hear Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam at Havana one more time Im going to fucking scream.

FJ: What are the Top 5 most played tracks in your iTunes Library?

TB: I'll tell you my 5 favorite tracks right now, but not the most played...
1. Obsessed by Mariah Carey feat. Gucci Mane
2. Tunnels by Burt Fox
3. Vader Rap by Fresh Espresso
4. DJ by Amanda Blank
5. Photoshoot by Gucci Mane

FJ: What do you use to produce your tracks?

TB: Ableton Live, My Korg Synthesizer. Samples. Lots of samples. I tried to use Reason but it might as well be in Japanese..

FJ: Do you prefer working on remixes over originals or vice versa? What do you find to be most gratifying while working in the studio?

TB: I really don't have a preference. If Im feeling it and it feels doable then I will give it a go. Acapellas give me a hard time.

FJ: We are really stoked that you have the ability to bring people like Scottie B to Seattle. How'd you establish that connection and who else can we expect to grace Seattle in the future?

TB: Simply Networking. As for future shows, I don't really know. Scottie B is coming in from Oz and he will be at Outsourced on Oct 12 for my pre birthday party and its a free show. Hows that?

FJ: Any last words / shout outs?

TB: Thanks to Baltimore. Blarely Legal. All the venues and people that have put up with my antics. Marty Mar, Dev From Above, the blogs, Seattle people and Djs for being supportive and helping me achieve my goals, Without you Id probably be working at Target. and last but not least, the HATERS.

FJ: Thanks for your time!
Tigerbeat on Myspace
Tigerbeat on Twitter
Tigerbeat on Facebook


Tigerbeat - Dirty Dancing (Swayze RIP)

Tigerbeat - New Jack Dreams

Tigerbeat - If I Ever Jaw In Love

Tigerbeat - Heads Will Roll
(I beefed up YYYs and cut it in half for the club)

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a gang of free Mishka mixtapes

its the man that you love to hate, coming out of washington state

Sir Mix-a-Lot - My Posse's on Broadway 12" zip

Props to Vintage Hip Hop Seattle for all of the HD hip hop music videos on Youtube

Seattle Club part 2

Seal-Crazy (Drunk Unkle SeaClub mix)
Astronomar-Mr.Postman (SeaClub Re-fix)
Astronomar-Rock the Boogie (SeaClub Re-fix)
Drunk Unkle-Whistle Song

Dont wear corduroys in the summer mayne

Vegas Paris brought home this mixtape one day from the Art Institute.. Its a no-brainer ghetto ass mixtape, but one track stood out hella. Track 2 is as far as you need to go here; so we trimmed off all of the fat and leave you with this amazing morsel of Central District charm.
Boss Mind - Im Not Feelin You Bro 320mp3

Boss Mind Records Myspace

We've Got the Cumbia

Darwin - We've Got the Cumbia EP
Darwin Live on KEXP Expansions w/ Kid Hops


This dude got mad swagger, yo! A co-founder of Seattle club, DRUNK UNKLE is sick wit' it on the dj/production tip.

Enough blah blah... click on these to find out about him.


DRUNK UNKLE on Soundcloud

DRUNK UNKLE on Twitter

DRUNK UNKLE is also a member/co-founder of

The Better Collective


I'll keep it short, since the flyer has everything you need to know..... this night will CRACK! Check out SHIFT recordings for more info and updates on all featured artists and releases.


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Elmo's Song

this is off a K-Swift mixtape, so brace yourself for Mr. Postman to mix in at the end... you know how to use Serato right? just make a loop right before it comes in and you'll be fine
K-Swift - Elmo's Song

this is angoon

yes, it is angoon

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click here to make a poor choice


So Drunk Unkle and I where chattin while I was waiting in the cell lot at SEATAC for Shorthand to get back from Scottland, and I got the idea to take the baltimore club format but use the Amen break instead of (or along with) the SingSing or Think... not a overly sensational concept, but it introduces an interesting aesthetic to the heavily tapped baltimore format.. in addition to the Amen's sonic substance, it also lends a nod to the long-living Seattle Drum and Bass scene, which has remained a very prominent style in Seattle's electronic music culture. Im done explaining this just listen

FileJerks - Whats My Favorite Word
FileJerks - Champ World

these are only a few of the recent Seattle Club tracks, there are earlier tracks which I shall share next post,enjoy!


if we have post; fuck

we have been slackin super hard..
not sure when this came out..
dont care really; all I know its a great mix from Crookers

Fever Ray-Seven (Crookers Remix)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


La' Chat is the baddest muthafuckin bitch Queen of the South whatever she da truth all ya'll hatin on Chat mayne ya'll ain't know, its the bad muthafuckin bitch out da Hypnotized camp and ya'll be damned fo sleepin on ya girl holla at her wit'out furtha adue,its ya gyrl Chat fall back bitches

La' Chat - Ghetto Ballin


Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Don't Give Fuck

Over at the FileJerks Plaza, we whipped up a Lisa Dank remix.
She has more outfits than Cappadonna.

Lisa Dank - I Don't Give a Fuck (FileJerks remix) 320

Sunday, July 5, 2009


check out our boy BLEED. Somewhere in a smokey apartment in Seattle this dude whips up that gnarly dubstep. Recently inducted into the Shift Recordings roster, he will be dropping an album as well as mixtape titled "Death Coast Dubs" sometime in the near future.

BLEED - Warrior Stance 320mp3


shout out to BLEED, Shift Recordings, and Betamorph


my product

MAD RAD - My Product (astronomar's quick edit) 320mp3

commercial drive

this track is 8-9 years old, but it paints an accurate portrayal of Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC.. oh, I lived there back in 2003.

This video is Out For Stardom!! MADRAD @ Sasquatch '09

A quick glimpse into the Sasquatch festivities for those of us that lacked the privilege of being in attendance. Peep this MADRAD P SMOOVIE


shorthand opening for B-REAL in the 907!!!

ALSO DONT FORGET (epic fail on not having a digital copy of the flyer)

To view facebook invite CLICK HERE.

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THEY LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you dont know about They Live! yet, here's a preview. Hot off the press is this little video for "Meth Heads" Enjoy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Come experience the life of the rich and famous as we take you to the Rendezvous Grotto for a night of delectable beverages and the world's most desired bassheavy, wobbly, grimy,electro dance music you could ask for. In the heart of Seattle's Belltown, it's sure to be one of the best parties you'll never remember. Don't sleep, and don't be fooled by impersonators, this is sure to be the most legitimate night of your week, so come down and let the FILEJERKS show you the way to a life of luxury and lavish party entertainment..... If that's not enough, we're going to wave the $5 cover for those of you lucky enough to RSVP your name on the guestlist, or have the right phone numbers to call and solidify your spot @ Seattle's newest, hottest parties...... this is ROB' N' LEACH signing off.... wishing you the best in champagne bitches and caviar schemes....

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Monday, June 8, 2009


The FILEJERKS are playing NEUMOS! Come for the bands, stay for the party! GONNA BE SUPER DOPE!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Check out our homie Vegas Paris... this dude's raps are grimey, hypnotic, and often grotesque; so much that they leave the listener fully submitted to the carnage of the mind that is Vegas Paris, Vegas P or Vincent Vega or whatever the fuck you wanna call him. Swagger Fabrik gets mad airplay in Juneau on KXLL.........and he sleeps in my living room. Watch out for this shmuck.

Vegas Paris - Swagger Fabrik.mp3

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Birdapres is dope as fuck... here is an interview with the man himself:

Bird has been reppin Van hella hard for years. I lived in EastVan from 2003-2004 and somehow never caught a show.
Soon after my departure I came to grips with this dudes skills. He released "Get it Done" on Peanuts & Corn Records, and more recently the "Toothpaste EP" (which he personally sent me the link for, which has since been release and now the link is dead).
"Toothpaste" is incredible tho; caked with jazzy and sometimes avantgard, yet brilliant loops which compliment his easy going, solar powered flow. blah blah blah just peep, its that real rap shit

Download:Birdapres - Kick Ass Rhymes feat. Jeff Spec (vinyl rip).mp3

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

petite feet

Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! is an amazing disply of comedic genius (obvi).
It reminds me so much of Mr. Show, which I love..
anyways, peep this vid:

and peep my bmore mix of the tune:
Petite Feet - Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job (astronomar mix)

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zombie umbrella

if you've never done acid, this is relatively close to a good trip..
but I recommend you try LSD at least once in your life;
just do it before you are an "adult" and don't tell anyone
I advocate it's use that drips with fun and laughs

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

where do I find this shit!??!

I often ask myself this question as I stumble upon these clusters of brilliance
tucked into the far corners of this masquerade we call the interweb.
I was listening to Roy Orbison "Crying" while I opened this page;
I suggest you do the same sugar lips

I love you too babe!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HERE's a delicious new SHORTHAND mixtape...FREE of CHARGE

From SHRTHND (FLJRKS) comes a new one fuh ya'lllllllll fresh out the kitchen...




the OFS blog is only one click away babygirl

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today's technological advancement in a nutshell..........

The FileJerks work on some old ass computers. But they still do the trick. Upgrading sometimes doesn't help out like we think it's a little video I'd like to share about it...


Friday, February 27, 2009


The FileJerks have been busy dudes's a recent addition to the arsenal

Outkast - Spottieottiedopalicious (FILEJERKS bmore edit)
DOPALICIOUS (FileJerks bmore edit)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been listening to Keith for the last 10 years. At first I was really disoriented by his approach to lyricism; almost turned off by it. But I knew that it was something really important, so I persisted to digest his beautifully warped perspective. As time passed and I had listened to Dr. Octagon roughly 100 times, I light bulb sputtered in my mind's ear and it began to make sense!
So from there I began to follow everything he did; Black Elvis, Spankmaster, Dr. Dooom, Matthew, ETC, ETC.
I dont think anyone making records can match Keith's longevity and influence in the world of rap music.
With all of that said its apparent that I'm a hardcore Keith fan, and I couldnt help but get more giggly than a school girl
about to get eaten out after her sweet sixteen when I caught wind of Keith Thornton himself would be performing in Seattle.
I know a few of the people who where bringing him hear, so I expressed my fanatasizm on numerous occasions to them, thanking and hugging them. Then, the day of the show I get a text from POMZ asking if I wanted to spin at the Keith show.
Long story short the FileJerks opened for Kool Keith. I can die now.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

**REVISED LINK** shorthand minimix #1

So...I fucked up and uploaded the wrong link in the first post back in Jan. Here it is again ya'll...

SHORTHAND minimix #1


1)Mystery Jets - Half In Love with Elizabeth (FOAMO rmx)
2)Herve - What You Need The Most
3)Over and Over - Hot Chip
4)Bulgarian - Jack It Like A Zombie (Santiago & Bushido rmx)
5)Tocadisco ft. Chelonis R Jones-Shrine (crookers remix)
6)Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo remix)
7) David Axelrod - The Edge (BMORE EDIT)
8) George Kranz - DIn Daa Daa (original US mix)
9)Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (FakeBlood Remix)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is a flyer for our good homie Will's charity show @ The Rendezvous in JUNEAU next week. Although we won't be attending this fun-filled night of musical talent, we thought we'd show some love with this post.