Sunday, June 14, 2009


Come experience the life of the rich and famous as we take you to the Rendezvous Grotto for a night of delectable beverages and the world's most desired bassheavy, wobbly, grimy,electro dance music you could ask for. In the heart of Seattle's Belltown, it's sure to be one of the best parties you'll never remember. Don't sleep, and don't be fooled by impersonators, this is sure to be the most legitimate night of your week, so come down and let the FILEJERKS show you the way to a life of luxury and lavish party entertainment..... If that's not enough, we're going to wave the $5 cover for those of you lucky enough to RSVP your name on the guestlist, or have the right phone numbers to call and solidify your spot @ Seattle's newest, hottest parties...... this is ROB' N' LEACH signing off.... wishing you the best in champagne bitches and caviar schemes....

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