Monday, September 28, 2009

Eye of the Tiger : an interview with Tigerbeat

Josh "Tigerbeat" Saenz basically runs the B-More end of the club music scene here in Seattle. He is an active DJ/Promoter who brings in people like Scottie B & Dlake among other highly reputable artists. We figured it was due time to pry the layers of his brain and see what the man is up to, what he has in store, and share some of his tunes with you.
FJ: How long have you been DJing?

TB: Since 2006/2007

FJ: When did you first come to the conclusion that you wanted to pursue DJing as more than just a hobby? Any artists that inspired you?

TB: When I realized that selling drugs wasn't going to get me anywhere but jail. I had to do something for income and I couldn't and still cant handle having anyone telling me what to do. Thats when Risky Business Productions came into play. Thankfully for the first two years I was able to support myself with selling and just basically hover over the turntables from anywhere to 4 to 15 hours a day.
As for inspiration, I remember first seeing FourColorZack and DJ Curtis just doing these crazy hipster parties at the War Room and Egg Room. People just partying and losing their shit. And The Clipse. I was listening to ALOT of The Clipse.

FJ: Where were some of your first DJ gigs and who were you working with back then?

TB: My very first gig was at The Egg Room. The Egg Room was an afterparty spot above El Corazon that had crazy energy. I played that show with two ipods! Damaged Goods was basically my right hand girl in those days. Very good times.

FJ: We know Outsoured at Moe Bar has been is cracking off every Monday for well over the past year. Tell us a little of the history behind that night;
what were your initial ideas for the night and did that change at all as time passed? Who's has been involved in the night since its inception?

TB: I've been there since day one. Many people have had some influence on the night from a few weeks to several months over the past two years. I think that being a decent dj you should change and evolve with the music/people you identify most with. When Outsourced started, I was buying Ed Banger records, two years later Im making Baltimore tracks. So Im really open to whatever as long as it makes people go hard on the dancefloor and keeps me interested.

FJ: What other nights can people come check you out?

TB: Aside from "Outsourced" at MOE every Monday, you can find me at "HollyHood" at Havana Social Club every Tuesday. Every first Thursday of the month at Sole Repair Shop for "Young, Rich & Fabulous. 1st and 3rd Fridays at 9 Million in Unmarked Bills in Fremont. And every Saturday at The Loft in Edmonds.

FJ: What's your evaluation of the club music scene here in Seattle? Anything you want to see happen or things you are working towards changing?

TB: Decent. Some people need to let go and move on. They're just playing for themselves and the look of confusion or boredom on the dancefloor shows it. For the most part, people want to dance, not have some obscure b-side bestowed upon them at midnight. Another is predictability. If I hear Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam at Havana one more time Im going to fucking scream.

FJ: What are the Top 5 most played tracks in your iTunes Library?

TB: I'll tell you my 5 favorite tracks right now, but not the most played...
1. Obsessed by Mariah Carey feat. Gucci Mane
2. Tunnels by Burt Fox
3. Vader Rap by Fresh Espresso
4. DJ by Amanda Blank
5. Photoshoot by Gucci Mane

FJ: What do you use to produce your tracks?

TB: Ableton Live, My Korg Synthesizer. Samples. Lots of samples. I tried to use Reason but it might as well be in Japanese..

FJ: Do you prefer working on remixes over originals or vice versa? What do you find to be most gratifying while working in the studio?

TB: I really don't have a preference. If Im feeling it and it feels doable then I will give it a go. Acapellas give me a hard time.

FJ: We are really stoked that you have the ability to bring people like Scottie B to Seattle. How'd you establish that connection and who else can we expect to grace Seattle in the future?

TB: Simply Networking. As for future shows, I don't really know. Scottie B is coming in from Oz and he will be at Outsourced on Oct 12 for my pre birthday party and its a free show. Hows that?

FJ: Any last words / shout outs?

TB: Thanks to Baltimore. Blarely Legal. All the venues and people that have put up with my antics. Marty Mar, Dev From Above, the blogs, Seattle people and Djs for being supportive and helping me achieve my goals, Without you Id probably be working at Target. and last but not least, the HATERS.

FJ: Thanks for your time!
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Tigerbeat - Dirty Dancing (Swayze RIP)

Tigerbeat - New Jack Dreams

Tigerbeat - If I Ever Jaw In Love

Tigerbeat - Heads Will Roll
(I beefed up YYYs and cut it in half for the club)

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