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Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is a flyer for our good homie Will's charity show @ The Rendezvous in JUNEAU next week. Although we won't be attending this fun-filled night of musical talent, we thought we'd show some love with this post.

Inua's photography.......

.... is fucking incredible..
to see his work
click here

Faces of Paris

SHORTHAND minimix 1/25/09

CLICK HERE for your free copy of the BRAND NEW SHORTHAND minimix #1


1)Mystery Jets - Half In Love with Elizabeth (FOAMO rmx)
2)Herve - What You Need The Most
3)Over and Over - Hot Chip
4)Bulgarian - Jack It Like A Zombie (Santiago & Bushido rmx)
5)Tocadisco ft. Chelonis R Jones-Shrine (crookers remix)
6)Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo remix)
7) David Axelrod - The Edge (BMORE EDIT)
8) George Kranz - DIn Daa Daa (original US mix)
9)Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (FakeBlood Remix)

Sleepin' on da motherfuckin' floor

Lord knows I've spent many drunken nights on floors; here is the perfect soundtrack for such an occasion.
So wad up your hoodie into a pillow and sprawl amongst the grit.


Spencer & Jessica - Sleeping on the floor (astronomar dubstep mix).mp3

If you got some PCP light that shit... for hip hop

You Don' Know Me......

From this day on, smAcK will be posting under the alias "shorthand" due to confusion and controversial issues. Reasons being: A) It comes up in every rap song ever recorded ever. B) People often wonder if i'm a heroin junkie, which i'm NOT! (Double underlined) C. There's too many other dj's trying to go by the name "smack" D) "shorthand" is just a dope name...E) It's been pre-approved by Astronomar! :) hahahahahaha


Here's a free Hey Champ remix I did of "Cold Dust Girls"

ColdDustFLJRKS (SHORTHAND filejerks rmx)
Hey Champ-ColdDustFLJRKS (shorthand filejerks rmx)

In the building....

This is the very first ever FileJerks blog post. Take note of where you're at, as you read this, and remember it forever. Or just make sure to start checking out our blog for pictures of us, things we think are amazing, links to free mixtapes and remixes, flyers for upcoming shows, and a plethora of other dope shit. Get to know us, and stay posted. FileJerks in the building.....