Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been listening to Keith for the last 10 years. At first I was really disoriented by his approach to lyricism; almost turned off by it. But I knew that it was something really important, so I persisted to digest his beautifully warped perspective. As time passed and I had listened to Dr. Octagon roughly 100 times, I light bulb sputtered in my mind's ear and it began to make sense!
So from there I began to follow everything he did; Black Elvis, Spankmaster, Dr. Dooom, Matthew, ETC, ETC.
I dont think anyone making records can match Keith's longevity and influence in the world of rap music.
With all of that said its apparent that I'm a hardcore Keith fan, and I couldnt help but get more giggly than a school girl
about to get eaten out after her sweet sixteen when I caught wind of Keith Thornton himself would be performing in Seattle.
I know a few of the people who where bringing him hear, so I expressed my fanatasizm on numerous occasions to them, thanking and hugging them. Then, the day of the show I get a text from POMZ asking if I wanted to spin at the Keith show.
Long story short the FileJerks opened for Kool Keith. I can die now.


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