Saturday, September 12, 2009


So Drunk Unkle and I where chattin while I was waiting in the cell lot at SEATAC for Shorthand to get back from Scottland, and I got the idea to take the baltimore club format but use the Amen break instead of (or along with) the SingSing or Think... not a overly sensational concept, but it introduces an interesting aesthetic to the heavily tapped baltimore format.. in addition to the Amen's sonic substance, it also lends a nod to the long-living Seattle Drum and Bass scene, which has remained a very prominent style in Seattle's electronic music culture. Im done explaining this just listen

FileJerks - Whats My Favorite Word
FileJerks - Champ World

these are only a few of the recent Seattle Club tracks, there are earlier tracks which I shall share next post,enjoy!


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