Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness : MOD SUN x JCW

On the 24th day of December, in the year 2010, the world was exposed to this little gem of an album from MOD SUN and JCW. A plethora of beats on this album are the responsibility of JCW (James Chase Wilcox). MOD SUN throws in some production flavor, as well as a thread of lyrical genius throughout the track list. These dudes have done something really right here, taking hiphop back to sample-based underground goodness. Need I say more? Just go get it!


Download Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness.

Head over and check out more from MOD SUN.

You can hear some of the instrumentals in this JCW mixtape, mixed and arranged by Shorthand JCW - Crack To The Future: The mixtape by Shorthand

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