Monday, January 11, 2010

Alaska's Great White Hope....... JCW

since the tender age of 17 this kid has been making B-More bangers and tasty 808 laden beats that have bumped their way into many of my playlists and live sets. My personal favorite and a standout in his current catalog is Ask Paul, a cleverly hooked up lil b-morsel that samples Pimp-C and a Beatles tune. Last year he asked me to compile a mixtape of his beats; I started and somewhere along the way the session file got corrupted. Due to recording limitations I never got around to finishing the mix, but recent events have put Shorthand in command of the project, which should be done very soon.

Until then enjoy this zip JCW sent me of him newest jams!

JCW Club Anthems zip

JCW - Ask Paul 320mp3


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  1. where's the empire of a dream remix??? i want it!