Sunday, January 25, 2009

You Don' Know Me......

From this day on, smAcK will be posting under the alias "shorthand" due to confusion and controversial issues. Reasons being: A) It comes up in every rap song ever recorded ever. B) People often wonder if i'm a heroin junkie, which i'm NOT! (Double underlined) C. There's too many other dj's trying to go by the name "smack" D) "shorthand" is just a dope name...E) It's been pre-approved by Astronomar! :) hahahahahaha


Here's a free Hey Champ remix I did of "Cold Dust Girls"

ColdDustFLJRKS (SHORTHAND filejerks rmx)
Hey Champ-ColdDustFLJRKS (shorthand filejerks rmx)

1 comment:

  1. so should we refer to you as The Artist Formerly Known As smAcK? TAFKAS?